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Big Ax
The Art of Performing Walking Bass Lines and Chords Simultaneously.

Big Ax

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BIG AX by Jack Grassel is a real gift to guitarists. If you've ever been blown away by a guitarist playing a bass line and chords simultaneously, and couldn't even find a teacher to show you the basics, then this book is for you. You'll learn a bass line, a chord progression, and the technique for combining them. Check out the contents:

  • Major Sevenths
  • Dominant Sevenths
  • Syncopation
  • Minor Sevenths
  • Major, Minor and Dominant Combined
  • Ninth Chords
  • Chords with Bass Note on the Fifth String
  • Combining Voicings on the Fifth and Sixth Strings
  • Voicings on 5321
  • String Crossing II V I  Progressions
  • Chords with Alterations
  • 7-5
  • 7+5
  • Summary of m7-5, 7+5, 7-5, m7, and 7 Chords
  • Minor Seventh Passing Chords
  • Diminished Seventh Passing Chords
  • Walking Bass in 3/4 Time
  • Latin Style Bass and Chords
  • Chord Substitutions
  • Walking at Fast Tempos
  • Playing Solo

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