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Guitar Seeds
A Theory and Practice Manual for the Growing Guitarist.

Guitar Seeds

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Among the subjects covered in Guitar Seeds, is Jack's unique scale system which leads to viewing the entire neck as one unit. Through practice, the guitarist is freed from the clichés of position playing. Also shown is Jack's rhythm chord and melody chord systems.

Other material includes:

  • Three Octave Major Scales
  • Heptatonic Scales
  • Modes
  • The II-V Progression
  • Melody Lines over Chromatic Changes
  • Improvising on Complex Chord Changes
  • Learning Difficult Passages
  • Polytonal Arpeggios
  • Four Sting Chords
  • II V I Patterns
  • Sight Reading Chord Charts
  • Blues Progressions and Transcriptions
  • Pentatonic scales
  • Chord substitution theory
  • Octave technique
  • Fast and Accurate Arm Movement

  We've worked hard to search and locate the best learning materials available. And when it comes to thorough, well organized method books for guitar, Jack Grassel is the absolute best. Guitar Seeds lays down a strong musical foundation and covers more areas of music on the guitar than any guitar book we've ever seen.  Order now!

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