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Power Practicing
A Guide to Motivation, Self-Discipline and Efficiency.

Power Practicing

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  "After we subtract the amount of time we spend on musical pursuits from the total hours in our lives, we're lucky if we have as much as 10% (2-3 hours) left to work on what may be an important goal. This small amount of time must be used WELL to achieve the maximum benefit.

  It's a FACT that there is a connection between practice and accomplishment. Practicing LONG does not necessarily mean practicing WELL. What do you get done when you practice?

  This book has been written to aid in the examination of and possible restructuring of your practice habits.

  When I decided to be a professional musician, I practiced ten hours per day for almost a year. I didn't have much of an outside life. As I became more efficient, the time was reduced to six hours and then to four hours per day. Now I work one to three hours and get more done. I still have time left for a domestic life AND time to promote my music career. I make a constant study of how I can PRACTICE BETTER.

  My first formal attempt at organizing my ideas came when GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE asked me to write the POWER PRACTICING feature for their MASTER SERIES. This resulted in me giving motivational seminars at schools, music stores, and for the GIBSON GUITAR COMPANY. The response has been wonderful. There is apparently a lot of musical instruction going on, but very little on the ART OF PRACTICING! I've found with my own students that if they learn some simple TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS, their progress increases dramatically."

 - Jack Grassel

In POWER PRACTICING, you will learn:

  • The Four Types Of Practicing
  • Efficient Use Of Practice Time
  • Determining The Length Of The Practice Session
  • Creating An Inspiring Practice Area
  • Acquiring Practice Materials
  • Making The Practice Session Interesting
  • Monthly Practice Schedule
  • Motivation
  • Technique Improvement
  • Reading Improvement
  • Metronome Techniques
  • Ear Training
  • Listening To Music Constructively
  • Transcribing Music
  • Techniques Which Improve Improvisation
  • Physical Fitness
  • Mental Fitness
  • Preparing For A Performance
  • The Relationship Between Student And Teacher

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