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Stylus Pick Kit CD ROM
Stylus Pick Kit CD ROM

Stylus Pick Kit CD ROM

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The Stylus Pick CDROM is discontinued and there are a just few left.

Once they're gone, it will never be available again.

Take a New kind of Lesson in Speed and Accuracy! 

The Stylus Pick Method is the only speed-picking method in the world which includes a Physical Device that corrects inaccurate Depth Gauging and supports Economy of Motion!

 Alternate Picking with the Stylus Pick gives you a beautiful, even sequence of attacks as it glides over the strings with no resistance - and provides a vigorous workout in speed and accuracy, so use of a flat pick at higher speeds becomes smooth and effortless. Whether you’re a shredder, jazz player or country picker; beginner, expert, or seasoned performer - the Stylus Pick is a valuable tool for measuring your proficiency and for rapid development of extraordinary high-speed alternate picking technique.

The NEW  Stylus Pick Kit CD ROM has everything you need to improve your picking chops like never before:

• Illustrated instructions
•Twenty-five proven speed-picking exercises written at Berklee College of Music, with TAB in easy to read PDF's
• Stylus Pick 3-Pack (three Stylus Picks) and more!

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